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Here at FLOOR_STORY we understand that sometimes standard just doesn’t quite cut it and that’s why we love making it easy to create your very own rug. Whether a made-to-order special on any of our Designer and FLOOR_STORY Collection rugs, or a custom work that portrays your unique style, our hand-made approach makes working it all out easy.

While our standard sizes are great for most homes, the Made to Order service lets you tweak, shrink or expand most of our Designer and FLOOR_STORY Collection rugs to the perfect fit. You can find out more about how to get the right size for your home with our Custom Rug Buying Guide.

That’s the beauty of making by hand, it allows us freedom. You can even make subtle changes to the colours and scale of rugs to bring just the right perspective to your fabulous new creation. Each of our Made to Order rugs will be hand-crafted from the finest wool, viscose and silk yarns by some of the world’s best makers, so you can be confident your new rug will be just as exquisite as you first imagined.

Just get in touch to begin your rug journey through our Made to Order programme.

With our Custom programme, FLOOR_STORY becomes your rug story narrator, guiding you from a conceptual idea into a beautiful hand-made rug.

Translating your idea with proposed designs that work within the technical confines of making rugs by hand, our Custom programme unlocks creativity. From these original designs and a small hand-trial sample, your custom rug can be created in unique shapes and in an astonishing number of colours. In fact, with more than 1,600 wool poms alone, we think you’d be hard pushed to find a shade we can’t produce. You can even add touches in texture through hand-carving and lustre with the addition of silk.

Once you’re happy with your design and have signed-off on the sample, your FLOOR_STORY Custom rug will be made from the finest quality yarns by skilled artisans. The hand-making process can be as quick as eight-weeks, with more intricate designs taking up to twelve-weeks, the hand-made nature cannot be rushed. You can be sure that your FLOOR_STORY Custom rug will be truly extraordinary, a unique work that celebrates your individual sense of style.

We love being involved in such expressive work, so get in touch.

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